Monday, December 31, 2012


Hai teman-teman,

Selamat pagi.Setahun sudah berlalu dan tahun ini sudah mulailah tahun yang baru yaitu tahun 2013 dengan tarikh permulaan tanggal 01.01.2013.Hari ini saya tidak akan menggunakan bahasa english sebab mulai tahun  ini saya akan mebilingualkan bahasa.Saya menggunakan bahasa English sebagai proses pembelajaran sahaja jadi kalau ada tersilap grammar harap diperbetulkan ya? :)

Oya hari ini tahun yang sudah baru.Maka mulailah perjalanan hidup kita,memperjuangkan segalanya untuk maju selangkah demi selangkah ke alaf baru.Tanpa disedari umur kita juga semakin meningkat,maka rintangan dalam hidup juga semakin beronak dan penuh dengan cabaran.Tapi walau apapun itu,perjalanan harus tetap diteruskan dan diperjuangkan..semangat ayooo!!

Azam?kebanyakan orang menanyakan azam saya pada tahun ini.Saya hanya mampu tersenyum dan menjawab "saya hanya inginkan perubahan bagi segala sesuatu yang dapat saya ubah"samada mengambil pengajaran dari masa lalu dan mengubahnya ke arah yang lebih baik :)

Tapi,saya sangat berharap agar segala sesuatu berjalan dengan lancar pada tahun ini walaupun rintangan tentu saja banyak menanti di hadapan.Hidup ini seperti roda,kadang kita di atas dan kadang kita di bawah.Tidak segala sesuatu yang kita mahukan terus sahaja menjadi menyenangkan,tentu saja terkadang ada kesulitan di sebalik pergelutan hidup .

Saya sudahi saja untuk hari ini.Saya sangat berterima kasih kepa Tuhan kerana masih meminjamkan nafas kehidupan pada diri saya,dan tentu saja saya juga harus bersyukur kerana Tuhan masih menginginkan keluarga saya untuk mendampingi saya.Terima kasih ya Tuhan,Yesus Kristus beserta Allah Bapa di syurga dan bersama Bonda maria dan para malaikat syurgawi:)


Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hello boys and girls....

Good mornight :) i am here to wishing you happy new years counting...No days lefts,tomorrow gonna be ur fresh year to begin a new what to do for the first day?i hope u will made u year's wishes list start 01.01.2013 :) its gonna be fun :) i will do it too.So cames we started our counting before new year :)

And today i wanna confess the truth,what's my feeling for all this year..the bitter sweet within it,but whatever it is,i'll missing this year,its a lot of memories,it's hard to remember but it's also hard to forget.

okay..i revealed it now.

Firstly,i want to thanks God for His kindness on me for all this year esp. for still giving me my family.Without the helpinf from Him,i am nothing,and without my family beside me,i may feel so empty.I know God is Good.always :)

Thanks God for the grades i got since im in TPB.I was shocking when i know the news that my pointers i've got it unexpected,although,it was my fault when im failed in LM cus i not study hard.That's my i think 2013 must be the hardest year i wanna go through,its a lot of subjects behind me after this,plus i'll take SP for LM subject on July 2013.I know it's hard for me to stay longer here,but it is the only option lefts :(

Thanks to God cus i can joined the SYD 3 which held in Tambunan,around 4 months ago,and i am so grateful cus i know my brother from there.They're so nice but i dont know if they were forgetting me since a long time i didn't see them frequently..i just knows them for 1 weeks but its kinda joy and happiness to live and gather with them as the family in Christ :)

As what i had wrote previously,this years were my mom's graduated :) its a relief cus my mom already studied 6 years at OUM and time flies,finally she's graduated.Congrats mom! Take care of ur health :)

and me,i already living in Indonesia 1 years and half.Its kinda amazing cus i never dream as what i am now.So here i am!A lots of bitter and sweet within of thus memories for this year,i faces different peoples in different country,places and religion and even now,i feel so uncomfortable,honest i felt discomfort with peoples surround me,sometimes stay in one place with my housemates,i dont know why i can't get along with them. Sorry if you all read this,but sometimes its may be hard to living among you :( So thats why i stay alone in my bedroom.I dont know why  but...maybe its was my fault i can't live in community or i cant accept those of characteristics.I want you to faces me or me to faces you,but it is hard for me,cus u are seniors than me.
Btw,i hope everthing gonna be turned ok as long as we never misunderstanding each others.(or its already happened)

annnddd..whatelse?i still has a lot to say but i can't think so perfectly today,so i stop here.Tomorrow gonna be fun to share something on here.

Thats all..give ur peace to whole world,stay gergeous and stay healhty guys :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hello readers,

  Good afternoon,today's days lefts and the last friday of 2012.Happy new years eve :)
How's about this year?i know u may answered life is hard,tought and whatelse to admit ur words.For me personally,yea,life is always the hardest year by years..Life is rawr,life is journey,life is unexpected and bla..bla.. but we should know this,however it goes,life must go on..we determined everything,one step to good or bad journey of life,or u will ruined everything.

Life.You are not the only ONE existed in this world,there are still trillions outside finding they own way to live the life.So we may faces different types of peoples,with different behaviour and attitude.Dislikes or instead,u will faces them everyday and everytime, fragile to choose who is the best person to be part of your life.They're so rawr and unexpected.So be good,that's the only option lefts.

Btw,here are some tips of rules how to live ur day.I can't say its will working on you,NO,all answer is depends on you,the rules is just the rules.Nothing less or more.You can handle the rest by yourself.

I highlighted the MUST do for mine with red,blue and purple colours.

40 Rules to live ur day.
  1. Question everything.
  2. A happy wife, is a happy life.
  3. Take responsibility for your life up to this point.
  4. Believe in your ability to change your circumstances.
  5. Trust your first instinct.
  6. Want the good things in life, but don’t need the good things.
  7. Don’t buy until you have the money in your account.
  8. Never regret what has happened in the past, you can’t change it.
  9. Always put your family first.
  10. Don’t gossip.
  11. If you haven’t used it in 6 months, give it to charity.
  12. Make your peace with death when you are still healthy.
  13. Believe in your own higher power, nobody else’s.
  14. Practice the art of listening.
  15. Help others without expecting anything in return.
  16. Help yourself first, that way you have more capacity to help others.
  17. Don’t get married under pressure.
  18. Work for someone as a means to work for yourself.
  19. Stay in touch with your family and friends.
  20. Get angry with life when you feel the need, life can soak it up just fine.
  21. Don’t compare your life to others, you are on a different path altogether.
  22. Never settle for second best.
  23. Prepare in advance for your own confidence.
  24. Don’t give your power away by letting others dictate how you feel.
  25. Stop trying to read everyone’s mind, it can’t be done.
  26. Hug as much as you can.
  27. Believe in the power of serendipity.
  28. Get some sunshine every day.
  29. Don’t spend half your life in bed, grab the life outside your head.
  30. Study nature, it’s a gift waiting to be discovered.
  31. Say ‘I Love You’ from the heart.
  32. Cut down on your TV time.
  33. Love your partner with everything you have, but don’t depend on them for anything.
  34. Know your values in life and start living by them.
  35. Learn to argue your point.
  36. Always admit to your mistakes in life and look to rectify them.
  37. Give everyone one chance.
  38. Don’t tell everyone all your problems all the time, you just become a pain.
  39. Never kill a spider.
  40. Don’t be confined by rules, break them every once in a while.

Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello readers,

Today's 29.12.2012..2 more days left before 2013.
I just now had a conversation with my friend.She wished me merry christmas,i thought she's already forget me,but at least,its kinda a belated wishes.Btw,i wish you a merry christmas too :)
My friend i said here was my bestfriend.She's so beautiful,can sing and i think she had a full package to be an entertainer.Unfortunately,it might "be-cause" of her package,she's missing out a lot of things outside,to rise and shine herself,to let the world see her talents,it's just..sayang.She got married too earlier,but that's her fate.Nobodys can fight against destiny,right?

Take ur time to refresh yourself about the nowadays issues already happened in you country.I want to share a bit here but it's abundant and maybe harashing for certain of poeoples ,so it's better to keep my mouth zipped.

Today,i've got my booking ticket.Thanks mom :)Take care of ur health.
Thanks God for the another breath :)


Hello readers,

Here i am.Today's 28.12.2012,and i'm still alive to updating my blog.Finally,we are all still alive from the nonsense mayan's rumours about the darkness of the earth.Thanks God we are still alive,my family members in good health under your protection :)

Time flown,and a new year will started again,and its 2013.I think i don't ready yet to enter this new year revolution,but that's life.Btw,i still blissful for what God has done on me and family,i think 2012 was a great year even there are a lot of bitter sweet memories inside of it.

and today mom called me,she said i had a lot of present lefts at home.Thanks aunty and cuzzy for the presents!I can't wait to open it!!but,i dunno how to repay,btw,i try to find what's the best presents i want to give you :)

Lastly,we made study group at Mahatan with some of my Indonesian friends.They're so kind and genius.Thanks guys :)

Here are some random pictures,my 2012 memories since i'm schooling in Indonesia :) those of pictures belong to my friends.Sharing is caring :D

Hangout at Bandung with  housemates.
Kaamatan festival at Bip's house.
Deepavali festival with our Juniors at Cangkurawok.
Me with  Nawang at Pascasarjana IPB Bogor,during pet care day festival.
Me and athletes of AGH's departement,during AGS.I joined estafet (4x100m) and we got silver.

Last but not least,i want to congratulated my seniors and also my chemistry apstrak,Dumas Flis Tang for his graduation.He's so kind and i will never forget his kindness on me since im in tpb.Thanks Kak Dumas! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012


They're so handsome and cute!

Firstly,I'm Lee Min ho hard fans!I do posted before that i'm addicted with him since BOF and City Hunter,btw,you can read it at my previously post.My 1st ranking :)
The other side of him.Its seem familiar.

Secondly,Choi Minhoo shinee.I do love him since i watch his drama To the beautiful you.Omg....He is so cute!Love him at the first sight :) My 2nd ranking :)
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Heelo readers,

Good mornight....huh i can't sleep.I dont know why but its happened recently,maybe i've insomnia so thats why the sleepless always annoyed me.Oya,today someone i knew chatting me in fb.I know who is him but i just pretending like i dont know plus i dont care.He's actually my ex-bf cousin and he keep asking me where i live (maybe to make sure who i am) i just say i live in Tambunan,but not the future details.I think he's a dumbed man.I dont like peoples who're migrated in KL or they had been lived there just for a months but they already change their loghat to "awak,kat.skang,watpe or whatelse" like their had been live there for 100 years!i am sarcastic so i sighing and said "i live in tambunan,in heritage and i'm  a pure Sabahan and i will always used my mothertongue wherever i go"saya tau dia malu kan siapa suruh main KLKL sama sa.

Mr.President also chatting with me today,and i thought i never seen him since the last 10 years ago!?what..ten years had passes???wowwwww i just wondering it right now..its a long time ago..and he said i am different than my old the ugly duckling turned swan.hahaha......its a fake actually,it's not in my real life.I prefers my old self,when im still chubby and no pimples on my face.Time passes so fast..people changes.We became old...and soon...we will die.

3 days left before New year!and my age ......=='

Btw,Get well soon mom,i wish you a good health.I know God is Good.

Okie,thats all for today..have a good sleep :)

Lotsa of words and love from the Child of God,


Hai readers,

Good night :) sorry for my absence,i think i should reupdate my blog during christmas but a lot of tought on that day.Sorry..

today i want to sharing by doing random topics cus i dunno how to started with.Today or actually from yesterday i've spending my whole time watching korean drama and facebooking cus i'm super blast boring and nothing to do with my christmas,so i just sitting infront of my laptop 24 hours till i feel sleepy and redoing it over ..over..and over again.So my christmas?i doing nothing.I can't feel the christmas,i missing goin to church and this is the most worsest i ever do since im schooling abroad.I dont know why but i can't trust people so easily even i am so closer with them.Peoples can lies and they were lie on you all the times even they're not showed it infront of you.So thats why i prefers to be alone than talking with an unsincere person.They're fake.I know it.

and 3 day after Christmas were gone...

and now,peoples comeback to they daily routine,no more Christmas movies and Christmas songs,everyone waiting for New years,4 days left and its New year!we can see the light of fireworks everywhere,that's what almost all of peoples in this world do to celebrated New Years...(i will missing the moments of fireworks and RSS at my kampung).

Today my mom's was sick.She called me early morning asked me how's my life here.I just said i'm ok but a lotsa of assignment awaiting me (but as what i said in my previous post,i spent a lot of time by watching dramas) cus i dont know how to doing it,maybe i will know a bit if i do study group at my friend's house.That's my plan..but soon.Back to the story,my moms sick she has a lot worried here,my dad is not at home,just my brother but  even he is growth up,17 years old but he still dunno what to do if my mom sick.He never asked as what others child do,so as me but now i knowing a bit of my responsibilty as a daughter.So i hope God will protect and healed her.I know God is always Good.I believe in Him!amin....Get well soon,mom.I wish you a good health and a long life.Amin..

Ok thats all.See u again soon:)
Merry Christmas to all peoples around the world !!

Lotsa of love,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble

I found out this songs and it's a bit remainded me my old days.It's been awhile as the  times goes by.Anyway,I thanks for the bittersweet memories i had with you long time ago.I hope you and me will be happy even now,soon and forever.


Once upon time
A few mistakes ago
I was in your sights
You got me alone
You found me
You found me
You found me

I guess you didn't care
And I guess I liked that
And when I fell hard
You took a step back
Without me, without me, without me

And he's long gone
When he's next to me
And I realize the blame is on me

Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places i'd never been 
So you put me down o
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places i'd never been
Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble

No apologies
He'll never see you cry
Pretend he doesn't know
That he's the reason why
You're drowning, you're drowning, you're drowning

And I heard you moved on
From whispers on the street
A new notch in your belt
Is all I'll ever be
And now I see, now I see, now I see
He was long gone
When he met me
And I realize the joke is on me

I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places i'd never been
So you put me down oh
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places i'd never been
Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble

When your sadest fear comes creeping in
That you never loved me or her or anyone or anything

I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places i'd never been
So you put me down oh
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places i'd never been
Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble

I knew you were trouble when you walked in
Trouble, trouble, trouble
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
Trouble, trouble, trouble!

Blackmore's Night - Christmas Eve


Happy Christmas eve everyone!

Hai readers,today's 24.12.2012 and it might be all Christian~er may celebrating the night before Christmas.! :)I wanna go church tonight,it's actually "a must do" for all Christian peoples.Okie,my topics is below,happy reading :)

Who says life is easy?I think to live the life is hard,the hardest,i thought.We may faces different type of diificulties,as long as we are stepping forwards the journey of life.The proverb once said "Life is short,so live it,party hard and enjoy yourself".But for me personally,it's instead for certain of peoples,somewhere along the line,everything got turned upside down like a rolling tyres.

I actually was so sadly when i saw the poor peoples worked until midnight,and continuously doing they job from 12a.m to 12 p.m.They're working 24 hours non stop.I  still curious and questioning myself  'why an old lady/man who are seemed like an old grandpa still doing the heavy job at the ages (we can tell the ages by their appearance,the grey and white hairs already grew from they head's scalp),I think it's time for them to get a rest from doing the job because they're too old,let the kids of them do the pay''.The kids who knowing the responsibility as a daughter must be dealing with the pay as the parents love without a charge,the free charge their get since in mother's womb,so why must they doesn't care?if you have a reason why,so tell me.

It's a pity when i saw an old man picked the tins and bottle at the main road today,and even the old lady nor man sell the kueh but nobodys buy.Its a relief when u can helped them by buying the kueh even it's just Rp 2000,i do that when i'm still in TPB,he's so pity till he holding his stomach maybe to standstill from being hungry and i know he is so hungry just by looking his "painful" face .I doesn't mean to boasting here but i feel so happy when the old days maybe around 1 months ago,i buy the calendar,2's in total and i asked him to keep the charge.He's an old man,too old enough to made your heart melted and touched with his hardworking   to living his life.Sorry cus im talking too much.I admitted that i am fastforwards to sensitivity.I ease to cry and my heart hurts if i see such of pity situations.Honestly,sometimes i acting so weird and i dont know if i've  sydrome disorder or nope,but its annoy me.(I will story u later about this statement at the another post)

The lesson i learned from this story was  i'm awared my family struggling to give me a life,and i must be so grateful to had them in my life.They're knowing each other responsibility as what the old man/lady did,i know they doing that because of him/her family,they tried to made money to feed their own family,but life is unconditional and sometimes it's unfair for some peoples,but it's a trial from God and me,as the daughter,i will do my pay to both of my parents ,neither fast or late,the time will comes.I wish them a long-long life:)
one of thus memories with the orphan child.

Nonetheless,the second parts of living is the beggar.We will know immediately by their looks either they are the "real poor people" or "Fake poor people".For example,the beggar who are always stand behind the supermarket doorstep waiting for customers exit the door and after that,they hold a pieces of plastic or paper so that the customers can put the money on it.See?how lazy they're!that's what we called the lazy will always living the poor life,i disrespect people like them,my respect goes on peoples who kept hardworking by do the "halal'' job than just walking around and beg peoples to give them money.Lebih baik lagi pengamen sumbang suara hiburkan hati penumpang lalu dapat duit yang halal.

"Whatever the rich have,they deserve to keep they worked for it.Poor people don't deserve help because it only makes them weaker.If we lend a hands to those who stumble during the race,it belittles the efforts of those who kept running''



Here i comes,hello readers,good night!
Today i have a bit/lot of fun..i dunno what words to use either it's a bit or lot,whateverlah and today i  enjoyed myself by joining my housemates,the vietnamese Tija and  also my seniors going to LaFutsal at Laladon.I actually want to play with them but i wearing fit jeans,simply,my outfit doesn't match with the sports they played so i just watching them play with the ball,it's ok at the first 1 hours but it's boring when the times goes by ,the heavy rain made u feel so sleepy and the coldness air is enough to made u  get froozen.So the only things we can do there are joking,talking and gossiping and i dunno whatelse,but everyone seemed so boring and the worstly my bb was lowbat and i can't updated bbm,facebook and twitter and i know you also will admitted that social networks is the most needed when you're  boring and it's the only friends u have when nobodys want to talking with you :)ermm..i lost my words and i dunno what to story,oya huhu i almost forget adada the pimples start again to attacking my face,i dunno its come and go and sometimes there's the day i surrender to concern bout my skin but i always do some facial per week to made my face clean from any pimples.My skin was so sensitive bah anduu..secondly,o yea..i started counting my days,24 days letfs and im home :) 2 peoples already say to me the same things "Jangan dulu ingat rumah,masih ada ujian loe,ingat ujian dulu" bah yalah...bah itu saja untuk hari ni.Kopisanangan doungotuong :) sumambayang poh before modop kiee :D "Good night earth! :)

Last but not least,i want to thanks God for His gratiousness,and thanks i'm still alive.Lord Jesus,sent your guardian angels to protect my family from any bad devils.I pray through Lord Jesus Christ,amin.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Good morning readers,today is 23.12.2012..3 days before Chrismas :)
I started my day by woke up to picked up my mom early morning phone call,and she as usual asking me how my day and how's my Christmas,did i go to my friend Gina's house to celebrate my Christmas or instead.,and mom said she and family now at my granny kampong to planting fruits and the most questionally was do you still has money?and maybe of course i said 'yes' because my mom just transfered me money by this week and i've already rebudget and i want to used it properly even sometimes,i may overused it,as always.I planned to buy mom's present or "ole-ole' from Bogor but i dont know what maybe i need to search what's the best for her,the stuff which fit her ages and i knowing my mom well,she was never cares about branded product but she like antique stuff.That's why i'm so proud with my mom.She's so humble and down to earth but just because of her ordinary characteristics,the old days after i finished my holidays the last 3 months ago,she sent  me to airport wearing the very simple outfit,so simple and its was like she just come home from our paddy fields and continuously going to airport without changing her outfit and i'm a bit embarrased at that time because her outfit doesn't match the situation when we're surrounding by so many crowded peoples in airport.Aduiiii...sorry mom.
Lastly,today i've got a lovely daydream,i'm dreaming about Lee min Hoo oppa,he cames to our house and sleep there for 1 week.The reason of the welcoming was he want to made some privacy and he dunno where areas to go,he maybe want to find another place to stay but luckily,he choosen my house.Its a long story but badly,it's just a dream :)
Ok thats all.I will updating my blog again later.I need to going outside to buy something cus today is sunday and Pasar Kaget is waiting for me :)


I am Lee Min Hoo hard fans! i falling in love with him since i'm watching him in City Hunter and Boys over flower(BOF) korean dramas,his face fits a real prince,i think he has a full package to attracted girls attention,as what happened to me now haha..finally someone like him existed in this world.God created you and be thankful to God for His precious granted to you Lee Min Hoo oppa :D

Lee Min Hoo latest picture

and i adore his quotes and its help me to gained some more pride to faces  fear.

"Those who give up cannot gain victory.It's not victory that is important,but the fighting spirit.Even if you fail,i think even just the attitude of not giving up is beautiful in itself."

The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret

My very first time i've listening to this songs was when i'm still 13 in ages and yea,i'd fallin in love with this songs because of the reason.The fading reason as the wind blowing,and it goes with some memories fade with it.Some memory will be remained in our hearts and it's ok to remembered as one of our teenager life memories.Here how the story goes;i first heard this songs when i'm still in love with someone in my old days,someone i can called boyfriend,bestfriend and also the only one lover.My very first phone call i've made with him and this songs appeared as his ringtone,and i know he's an music punk rock lover and maybe because of him i was affected with this genre's until now but times take the place,3 years had passed,and now i falling in love with the oldies songs.I stop here.Some stories locked up :)


Times flies so fast and i realized i've been here 1 years and half.As a student abroad,lived in other country was hard day after day but Its doesn't mean living abroad was bad but sometimes and almost everytime,you can feel the loneliness deeply inside your heart and all you can do is hiding it within yourself.I experienced it and even now,the feeling of unsatisfied always appears but i dont know what's it goes on when its going too far.I suddenly wondering i actually not easy going and sometimes it's hard to live in large community,cus you may faces different of peoples-behaviour and attitude.I always locked up myself in room and doing my own things.Honestly,i actually anti social since i kid,i've never talk to the person i never knew so it's hard for me to making friends,my communication with some of my friends here was limited but i still has my Indonesian best friend,and during class i've always looking for them and sit besides them but when i going to other class,i prefers to be alone and sitting at the back but it doesn't mean i'm arrogant i just..the way who i am,and that's me.Simply,even i lived with malaysian students here i still less talking.I dont know but yea,the feeling of uncomfortable always there even u want to deleted it but believe me the more u try u yourself will getting hurt.It's hard to be kind nor bad to peoples so it's depends on you how to handle ur story,u create it by yourself and things happen as what you decide by yours' decision,so be fragile when u try to create ur own drama here.Talking is cheap,peoples may gossiping about you from mouth to mouth and we can see the result of badmouth so ease just by looking their face and the others u knowing cus just as we know, face can express the emotions of someone,so as the body languages on how they'll act and react when they see you.I know how's the feeling because even for know,i has experienced it.I dont know how to reply them so it's better if i stay quietly than talking.The more you talking so the more the worst result cames.But it's ok  because at least u never talking bad about them so if they pointing you so that's their fault,not you.

so my conclusion here,stay true and be yourself.I know i am imperfect but i also knowing nobodys is perfect.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Personally,i am not so good in maths.I slow pick up when it comes to counting,my brain worked so slowly.The most horrible when i see the numbers my head will spinning and when i try to solve maths problem my body will shaking,my brain cramped and also my tonsil begin to vommit!Since i'm in primary school i still remembered my teachers always pointing at me cus in others subject i got a highest marked but in maths,sorry...saya pernah dapat nol,dan masih saya ingat masa perhimpunan hari Isnin guru besar kasih umum markah percubaan UPSR kira yang terbaik dan nama saya disebutkan tapi yang spoil tu markah maths yaitu 30 ke bawah!belum lagi tu......sampailah sekolah menengah masa SPM,i've got  a good grades in SPM especially in Science,History and yang lain kira ok jugalah but yang spoil tu maths!and all my teachers confiused with my maths grades and its PROVED!my brain is weakness is maths and ALWAYS be maths!However,from now on i want to fighting against my weaknessess.I need to struggle to pass in Landasan Matematika because it is the only option lefts to standstill in my university.I think maths is also the main problem for the reason of D.O to some of students here especially,us.But,it's to early for me to give up and surrender with maths.I know nothing is impossible to pass in maths if u want to do your best,doing it with all your heart for your future.Just once ant its solved!


Putri karmel.The only place i feel and find my peace.I think Karmel is the only peace place to relaxed your mind,and the most precious u will got a new family.FYI,in Karmel,peoples may come and go..but everytime and almost every week, there are someone new cames up or we called them 'peninjau' and amazingly, you'll immadiately became so closer and always stick with them for the reason you will live together in same room or work together with them to clean reatreat house,help sisters cook the meal,and so on and even we are so tired working but we never feel the tiredness.Trust me!cus i dont know,maybe there are a lots of fun working out together with them.and me as always,if holidays i'll comeback to Sabah for 3-4 weeks  and i surely will goin to Karmel to meet all people,sisters and brothers and also my friends there even the times is limited.Its a lot of fun besides you can hear the morning prayer with all the sister's angel voices.I thanks to mom because i'd knowing Karmel because of her,she sent me there to heal me,maybe around 3 years ago on January 2010 and i am so grateful because my aunty's house just nearby this place :)maybe about 15m or less hehe.Betul-betul sangat dekat.

Here are some pictures of Putri Karmel captured by me on September 2012 and also some memories with friends from year 2010 until 2012,the latest sceneries of Karmel.

Sorry for the bad quality.I try to show u how's actually the scenery of carmel through this video but i hope this video working out in my blog.(sorry it seems like my video didn't working out.The signal of my broadband was sucks so the uploading take so much time)

and sorry for the some random pictures,i want to arranged it by years but its doesn't worked.

Scenery from St.Anna reatreat house
Morning scenery from the Lady of Mount Carmel chapel
Grotto of Mother Mary.
Scenery before night prayer
My close friends and also my siblings in year 2010 till now.
Selamat melayani :)
After kem remaja,we otw to Kaingaran river.
Mid-day scenery.

I still has plenty of pictures but i dont know where is the folder i've used to keep them,and some pictures already gone cus  my lappy had been attacked by cruel virus.


Hello readers,good morning!Today is 22.12.2012 and thanks Jesus i still alive.Recently,i always awake so early between 2-3a.m and i dont know what the reason for my early awakening.Scientist suggested awake between the hours means the unseen watching over you!yaiiii....palis,i hope it's just a nonsense.
 Today i off class.My PIT practicum already finished and now i just focus on making report but worriedly,i still doesn't have any PIT data to do the analysis,i worried cus the assignment is quietly hard and there are 5 report to do and must be sent before the deadline.
Today is so precious because this day was my mom birthday and i wishing her Happy Birthday.Have a long-long life,and stay healthy.May God always protect and bless her :) I actually the one who always been so worried with my mom condition.I really love my mom.Without my mom,i am nothing.


Once i re-open my blog,the first thing i do is previously what i wrote in year 2010.I'm so amazed because  the most thing i'd written is confessed my feeling,my broken-heart are the mostly.I sighing gaaah i confess too much and it seems i ever love someone so deeply in the old days.,yea,that's the truth.All i can do now is laughing :D honest,i suprisingly surprise with myself because i was so strong and i already going this far,rise and shine after i suffering after the whole years behind,2 years fliest to fast and sometimes i maybe looking back but i never wish to reversely my step anymore.I thanks to mom because she's the one whose struggle to healed me.I dont know,she done too much for me and i do regret with all the situation i made in the old days.That's why i am so thankful to God because he sent me my mom,family and also friends who never leave me even they knowing my worst.I realized and aware i still had my family,having them is enough to fullfill my life,God always looking over me and family,i realized that and also i can feel it.Thanks Jesus :)

Life is unexpected.God is always Good.Just believe and surrender ur worries on him.Everything gonna turned alright.


Mom finally graduated after 6 years struggled study at OUM.Congratulations to her and also to my aunty.They're both graduated at the same time. Btw,i actually so jealous when my brother and dad,uncle,cousin and aunty going to KL before and after the graduation.My family sometimes hard to gather  when everybody busy with their own works and it's almost hard to meet them even once a year!so that why you're  lucky if u have a chance to hangout with family and together rounding the KL city.But,it's ok cus im so far away from Malaysia and it's pretty expensive if u buy the ticket late.

Here are some pictures of my big family taken by Aunty, Susie James :)

Brother,cousin Feonna,Uncle Fredoline@Bonut and Dad

My family

Aunty Pet and mom
Uncle Lawrence@Papai,Aunt Kamilus(aunty husband),Aunty
Pet,Mom,Dad,Brother and poyo

May God Bless all my family!



Honestly,i actually not a korean maniac.However,being alone all the time was pretty boring and i need something to entertain myself.Luckily,i heard most of people in fb keep talking about Running man.Maybe at first  i still jakun and keep guessing what is Running man?so i  go buy dvd and watching it at home...and guess what?once i watched it,till now and maybe..i already addicted and always stick with it almost my whole time after class and during having my dinner,i think RM is fun!

The main cast of Running man:
Yoo Jae suk
Suk Jin
Kim Joong kok
Lee Kwang soo
Song Ji Hyo
Ha Dong hoon
Kang Gary
Ex member-Joong Ki
They're so hilarious and always made u laugh!
So i choose it as 1 of my favourite korean variety show.

Family outing.Seriously,i really love it.Here,you can see those of famous Korean celebrities changed into  normal life as an ordinary person and live in heritage.They work at paddy fields,picked apples and sesame leave,cares for the owner's house piggy and so on.The most part i love to watch is when they made simple breakfast and dinner with the simple ingredients on it.So,it's good while u watching u also got so much inspiration of Family Outing recipes :)

The main cast of Family outing;
Yoo Jae Suk
Lee Hyori
Ye Jin
Soo Roo
Kim Jong Kook

Thursday, December 20, 2012

(Oo,) (Y)

Today is friday and also my last class in semester 3.For your information,i've been schooling in Indonesia since July 2011.Alone made u feel lonesome and miles away from family is pretty hard because im alone doing things without family besides me,so its depend on you hows you'll survive in other country.
 Some stories will be post later :)

P/S: Sorry to dear readers,my english is bad thats why i use it as my learning process but no worry cus i also will using malay language to keep blogging :)



Hello peoples we meet here again  :) sorry for my absence.I try to re-update my blog again after 2 years i dissapeared.
Today is 21.12.2012 and yesterday peoples keep talking about the end of the world,maybe they're so obses with the mayan calendar and easily believe with thus crap rumours.For me,i just believe the words of God in bible.
Ok thats all.See you again :) I'll try my best to keep blogging and update the latest stories :D