Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello readers,

Here i am.Today's 28.12.2012,and i'm still alive to updating my blog.Finally,we are all still alive from the nonsense mayan's rumours about the darkness of the earth.Thanks God we are still alive,my family members in good health under your protection :)

Time flown,and a new year will started again,and its 2013.I think i don't ready yet to enter this new year revolution,but that's life.Btw,i still blissful for what God has done on me and family,i think 2012 was a great year even there are a lot of bitter sweet memories inside of it.

and today mom called me,she said i had a lot of present lefts at home.Thanks aunty and cuzzy for the presents!I can't wait to open it!!but,i dunno how to repay,btw,i try to find what's the best presents i want to give you :)

Lastly,we made study group at Mahatan with some of my Indonesian friends.They're so kind and genius.Thanks guys :)

Here are some random pictures,my 2012 memories since i'm schooling in Indonesia :) those of pictures belong to my friends.Sharing is caring :D

Hangout at Bandung with  housemates.
Kaamatan festival at Bip's house.
Deepavali festival with our Juniors at Cangkurawok.
Me with  Nawang at Pascasarjana IPB Bogor,during pet care day festival.
Me and athletes of AGH's departement,during AGS.I joined estafet (4x100m) and we got silver.

Last but not least,i want to congratulated my seniors and also my chemistry apstrak,Dumas Flis Tang for his graduation.He's so kind and i will never forget his kindness on me since im in tpb.Thanks Kak Dumas! 

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