Thursday, December 27, 2012


Heelo readers,

Good mornight....huh i can't sleep.I dont know why but its happened recently,maybe i've insomnia so thats why the sleepless always annoyed me.Oya,today someone i knew chatting me in fb.I know who is him but i just pretending like i dont know plus i dont care.He's actually my ex-bf cousin and he keep asking me where i live (maybe to make sure who i am) i just say i live in Tambunan,but not the future details.I think he's a dumbed man.I dont like peoples who're migrated in KL or they had been lived there just for a months but they already change their loghat to "awak,kat.skang,watpe or whatelse" like their had been live there for 100 years!i am sarcastic so i sighing and said "i live in tambunan,in heritage and i'm  a pure Sabahan and i will always used my mothertongue wherever i go"saya tau dia malu kan siapa suruh main KLKL sama sa.

Mr.President also chatting with me today,and i thought i never seen him since the last 10 years ago!?what..ten years had passes???wowwwww i just wondering it right now..its a long time ago..and he said i am different than my old the ugly duckling turned swan.hahaha......its a fake actually,it's not in my real life.I prefers my old self,when im still chubby and no pimples on my face.Time passes so fast..people changes.We became old...and soon...we will die.

3 days left before New year!and my age ......=='

Btw,Get well soon mom,i wish you a good health.I know God is Good.

Okie,thats all for today..have a good sleep :)

Lotsa of words and love from the Child of God,

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