Saturday, December 22, 2012


Times flies so fast and i realized i've been here 1 years and half.As a student abroad,lived in other country was hard day after day but Its doesn't mean living abroad was bad but sometimes and almost everytime,you can feel the loneliness deeply inside your heart and all you can do is hiding it within yourself.I experienced it and even now,the feeling of unsatisfied always appears but i dont know what's it goes on when its going too far.I suddenly wondering i actually not easy going and sometimes it's hard to live in large community,cus you may faces different of peoples-behaviour and attitude.I always locked up myself in room and doing my own things.Honestly,i actually anti social since i kid,i've never talk to the person i never knew so it's hard for me to making friends,my communication with some of my friends here was limited but i still has my Indonesian best friend,and during class i've always looking for them and sit besides them but when i going to other class,i prefers to be alone and sitting at the back but it doesn't mean i'm arrogant i just..the way who i am,and that's me.Simply,even i lived with malaysian students here i still less talking.I dont know but yea,the feeling of uncomfortable always there even u want to deleted it but believe me the more u try u yourself will getting hurt.It's hard to be kind nor bad to peoples so it's depends on you how to handle ur story,u create it by yourself and things happen as what you decide by yours' decision,so be fragile when u try to create ur own drama here.Talking is cheap,peoples may gossiping about you from mouth to mouth and we can see the result of badmouth so ease just by looking their face and the others u knowing cus just as we know, face can express the emotions of someone,so as the body languages on how they'll act and react when they see you.I know how's the feeling because even for know,i has experienced it.I dont know how to reply them so it's better if i stay quietly than talking.The more you talking so the more the worst result cames.But it's ok  because at least u never talking bad about them so if they pointing you so that's their fault,not you.

so my conclusion here,stay true and be yourself.I know i am imperfect but i also knowing nobodys is perfect.

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