Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hello boys and girls....

Good mornight :) i am here to wishing you happy new years counting...No days lefts,tomorrow gonna be ur fresh year to begin a new what to do for the first day?i hope u will made u year's wishes list start 01.01.2013 :) its gonna be fun :) i will do it too.So cames we started our counting before new year :)

And today i wanna confess the truth,what's my feeling for all this year..the bitter sweet within it,but whatever it is,i'll missing this year,its a lot of memories,it's hard to remember but it's also hard to forget.

okay..i revealed it now.

Firstly,i want to thanks God for His kindness on me for all this year esp. for still giving me my family.Without the helpinf from Him,i am nothing,and without my family beside me,i may feel so empty.I know God is Good.always :)

Thanks God for the grades i got since im in TPB.I was shocking when i know the news that my pointers i've got it unexpected,although,it was my fault when im failed in LM cus i not study hard.That's my i think 2013 must be the hardest year i wanna go through,its a lot of subjects behind me after this,plus i'll take SP for LM subject on July 2013.I know it's hard for me to stay longer here,but it is the only option lefts :(

Thanks to God cus i can joined the SYD 3 which held in Tambunan,around 4 months ago,and i am so grateful cus i know my brother from there.They're so nice but i dont know if they were forgetting me since a long time i didn't see them frequently..i just knows them for 1 weeks but its kinda joy and happiness to live and gather with them as the family in Christ :)

As what i had wrote previously,this years were my mom's graduated :) its a relief cus my mom already studied 6 years at OUM and time flies,finally she's graduated.Congrats mom! Take care of ur health :)

and me,i already living in Indonesia 1 years and half.Its kinda amazing cus i never dream as what i am now.So here i am!A lots of bitter and sweet within of thus memories for this year,i faces different peoples in different country,places and religion and even now,i feel so uncomfortable,honest i felt discomfort with peoples surround me,sometimes stay in one place with my housemates,i dont know why i can't get along with them. Sorry if you all read this,but sometimes its may be hard to living among you :( So thats why i stay alone in my bedroom.I dont know why  but...maybe its was my fault i can't live in community or i cant accept those of characteristics.I want you to faces me or me to faces you,but it is hard for me,cus u are seniors than me.
Btw,i hope everthing gonna be turned ok as long as we never misunderstanding each others.(or its already happened)

annnddd..whatelse?i still has a lot to say but i can't think so perfectly today,so i stop here.Tomorrow gonna be fun to share something on here.

Thats all..give ur peace to whole world,stay gergeous and stay healhty guys :)

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