Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello readers,

Today's 29.12.2012..2 more days left before 2013.
I just now had a conversation with my friend.She wished me merry christmas,i thought she's already forget me,but at least,its kinda a belated wishes.Btw,i wish you a merry christmas too :)
My friend i said here was my bestfriend.She's so beautiful,can sing and i think she had a full package to be an entertainer.Unfortunately,it might "be-cause" of her package,she's missing out a lot of things outside,to rise and shine herself,to let the world see her talents,it's just..sayang.She got married too earlier,but that's her fate.Nobodys can fight against destiny,right?

Take ur time to refresh yourself about the nowadays issues already happened in you country.I want to share a bit here but it's abundant and maybe harashing for certain of poeoples ,so it's better to keep my mouth zipped.

Today,i've got my booking ticket.Thanks mom :)Take care of ur health.
Thanks God for the another breath :)

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