Sunday, December 23, 2012


Here i comes,hello readers,good night!
Today i have a bit/lot of fun..i dunno what words to use either it's a bit or lot,whateverlah and today i  enjoyed myself by joining my housemates,the vietnamese Tija and  also my seniors going to LaFutsal at Laladon.I actually want to play with them but i wearing fit jeans,simply,my outfit doesn't match with the sports they played so i just watching them play with the ball,it's ok at the first 1 hours but it's boring when the times goes by ,the heavy rain made u feel so sleepy and the coldness air is enough to made u  get froozen.So the only things we can do there are joking,talking and gossiping and i dunno whatelse,but everyone seemed so boring and the worstly my bb was lowbat and i can't updated bbm,facebook and twitter and i know you also will admitted that social networks is the most needed when you're  boring and it's the only friends u have when nobodys want to talking with you :)ermm..i lost my words and i dunno what to story,oya huhu i almost forget adada the pimples start again to attacking my face,i dunno its come and go and sometimes there's the day i surrender to concern bout my skin but i always do some facial per week to made my face clean from any pimples.My skin was so sensitive bah anduu..secondly,o yea..i started counting my days,24 days letfs and im home :) 2 peoples already say to me the same things "Jangan dulu ingat rumah,masih ada ujian loe,ingat ujian dulu" bah yalah...bah itu saja untuk hari ni.Kopisanangan doungotuong :) sumambayang poh before modop kiee :D "Good night earth! :)

Last but not least,i want to thanks God for His gratiousness,and thanks i'm still alive.Lord Jesus,sent your guardian angels to protect my family from any bad devils.I pray through Lord Jesus Christ,amin.

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