Saturday, December 22, 2012


Good morning readers,today is 23.12.2012..3 days before Chrismas :)
I started my day by woke up to picked up my mom early morning phone call,and she as usual asking me how my day and how's my Christmas,did i go to my friend Gina's house to celebrate my Christmas or instead.,and mom said she and family now at my granny kampong to planting fruits and the most questionally was do you still has money?and maybe of course i said 'yes' because my mom just transfered me money by this week and i've already rebudget and i want to used it properly even sometimes,i may overused it,as always.I planned to buy mom's present or "ole-ole' from Bogor but i dont know what maybe i need to search what's the best for her,the stuff which fit her ages and i knowing my mom well,she was never cares about branded product but she like antique stuff.That's why i'm so proud with my mom.She's so humble and down to earth but just because of her ordinary characteristics,the old days after i finished my holidays the last 3 months ago,she sent  me to airport wearing the very simple outfit,so simple and its was like she just come home from our paddy fields and continuously going to airport without changing her outfit and i'm a bit embarrased at that time because her outfit doesn't match the situation when we're surrounding by so many crowded peoples in airport.Aduiiii...sorry mom.
Lastly,today i've got a lovely daydream,i'm dreaming about Lee min Hoo oppa,he cames to our house and sleep there for 1 week.The reason of the welcoming was he want to made some privacy and he dunno where areas to go,he maybe want to find another place to stay but luckily,he choosen my house.Its a long story but badly,it's just a dream :)
Ok thats all.I will updating my blog again later.I need to going outside to buy something cus today is sunday and Pasar Kaget is waiting for me :)

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