Friday, December 21, 2012


Mom finally graduated after 6 years struggled study at OUM.Congratulations to her and also to my aunty.They're both graduated at the same time. Btw,i actually so jealous when my brother and dad,uncle,cousin and aunty going to KL before and after the graduation.My family sometimes hard to gather  when everybody busy with their own works and it's almost hard to meet them even once a year!so that why you're  lucky if u have a chance to hangout with family and together rounding the KL city.But,it's ok cus im so far away from Malaysia and it's pretty expensive if u buy the ticket late.

Here are some pictures of my big family taken by Aunty, Susie James :)

Brother,cousin Feonna,Uncle Fredoline@Bonut and Dad

My family

Aunty Pet and mom
Uncle Lawrence@Papai,Aunt Kamilus(aunty husband),Aunty
Pet,Mom,Dad,Brother and poyo

May God Bless all my family!


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