Friday, December 21, 2012


Honestly,i actually not a korean maniac.However,being alone all the time was pretty boring and i need something to entertain myself.Luckily,i heard most of people in fb keep talking about Running man.Maybe at first  i still jakun and keep guessing what is Running man?so i  go buy dvd and watching it at home...and guess what?once i watched it,till now and maybe..i already addicted and always stick with it almost my whole time after class and during having my dinner,i think RM is fun!

The main cast of Running man:
Yoo Jae suk
Suk Jin
Kim Joong kok
Lee Kwang soo
Song Ji Hyo
Ha Dong hoon
Kang Gary
Ex member-Joong Ki
They're so hilarious and always made u laugh!
So i choose it as 1 of my favourite korean variety show.

Family outing.Seriously,i really love it.Here,you can see those of famous Korean celebrities changed into  normal life as an ordinary person and live in heritage.They work at paddy fields,picked apples and sesame leave,cares for the owner's house piggy and so on.The most part i love to watch is when they made simple breakfast and dinner with the simple ingredients on it.So,it's good while u watching u also got so much inspiration of Family Outing recipes :)

The main cast of Family outing;
Yoo Jae Suk
Lee Hyori
Ye Jin
Soo Roo
Kim Jong Kook

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