Sunday, December 23, 2012


Happy Christmas eve everyone!

Hai readers,today's 24.12.2012 and it might be all Christian~er may celebrating the night before Christmas.! :)I wanna go church tonight,it's actually "a must do" for all Christian peoples.Okie,my topics is below,happy reading :)

Who says life is easy?I think to live the life is hard,the hardest,i thought.We may faces different type of diificulties,as long as we are stepping forwards the journey of life.The proverb once said "Life is short,so live it,party hard and enjoy yourself".But for me personally,it's instead for certain of peoples,somewhere along the line,everything got turned upside down like a rolling tyres.

I actually was so sadly when i saw the poor peoples worked until midnight,and continuously doing they job from 12a.m to 12 p.m.They're working 24 hours non stop.I  still curious and questioning myself  'why an old lady/man who are seemed like an old grandpa still doing the heavy job at the ages (we can tell the ages by their appearance,the grey and white hairs already grew from they head's scalp),I think it's time for them to get a rest from doing the job because they're too old,let the kids of them do the pay''.The kids who knowing the responsibility as a daughter must be dealing with the pay as the parents love without a charge,the free charge their get since in mother's womb,so why must they doesn't care?if you have a reason why,so tell me.

It's a pity when i saw an old man picked the tins and bottle at the main road today,and even the old lady nor man sell the kueh but nobodys buy.Its a relief when u can helped them by buying the kueh even it's just Rp 2000,i do that when i'm still in TPB,he's so pity till he holding his stomach maybe to standstill from being hungry and i know he is so hungry just by looking his "painful" face .I doesn't mean to boasting here but i feel so happy when the old days maybe around 1 months ago,i buy the calendar,2's in total and i asked him to keep the charge.He's an old man,too old enough to made your heart melted and touched with his hardworking   to living his life.Sorry cus im talking too much.I admitted that i am fastforwards to sensitivity.I ease to cry and my heart hurts if i see such of pity situations.Honestly,sometimes i acting so weird and i dont know if i've  sydrome disorder or nope,but its annoy me.(I will story u later about this statement at the another post)

The lesson i learned from this story was  i'm awared my family struggling to give me a life,and i must be so grateful to had them in my life.They're knowing each other responsibility as what the old man/lady did,i know they doing that because of him/her family,they tried to made money to feed their own family,but life is unconditional and sometimes it's unfair for some peoples,but it's a trial from God and me,as the daughter,i will do my pay to both of my parents ,neither fast or late,the time will comes.I wish them a long-long life:)
one of thus memories with the orphan child.

Nonetheless,the second parts of living is the beggar.We will know immediately by their looks either they are the "real poor people" or "Fake poor people".For example,the beggar who are always stand behind the supermarket doorstep waiting for customers exit the door and after that,they hold a pieces of plastic or paper so that the customers can put the money on it.See?how lazy they're!that's what we called the lazy will always living the poor life,i disrespect people like them,my respect goes on peoples who kept hardworking by do the "halal'' job than just walking around and beg peoples to give them money.Lebih baik lagi pengamen sumbang suara hiburkan hati penumpang lalu dapat duit yang halal.

"Whatever the rich have,they deserve to keep they worked for it.Poor people don't deserve help because it only makes them weaker.If we lend a hands to those who stumble during the race,it belittles the efforts of those who kept running''


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