Friday, December 21, 2012


Once i re-open my blog,the first thing i do is previously what i wrote in year 2010.I'm so amazed because  the most thing i'd written is confessed my feeling,my broken-heart are the mostly.I sighing gaaah i confess too much and it seems i ever love someone so deeply in the old days.,yea,that's the truth.All i can do now is laughing :D honest,i suprisingly surprise with myself because i was so strong and i already going this far,rise and shine after i suffering after the whole years behind,2 years fliest to fast and sometimes i maybe looking back but i never wish to reversely my step anymore.I thanks to mom because she's the one whose struggle to healed me.I dont know,she done too much for me and i do regret with all the situation i made in the old days.That's why i am so thankful to God because he sent me my mom,family and also friends who never leave me even they knowing my worst.I realized and aware i still had my family,having them is enough to fullfill my life,God always looking over me and family,i realized that and also i can feel it.Thanks Jesus :)

Life is unexpected.God is always Good.Just believe and surrender ur worries on him.Everything gonna turned alright.

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