Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hai readers,

Good night :) sorry for my absence,i think i should reupdate my blog during christmas but a lot of tought on that day.Sorry..

today i want to sharing by doing random topics cus i dunno how to started with.Today or actually from yesterday i've spending my whole time watching korean drama and facebooking cus i'm super blast boring and nothing to do with my christmas,so i just sitting infront of my laptop 24 hours till i feel sleepy and redoing it over ..over..and over again.So my christmas?i doing nothing.I can't feel the christmas,i missing goin to church and this is the most worsest i ever do since im schooling abroad.I dont know why but i can't trust people so easily even i am so closer with them.Peoples can lies and they were lie on you all the times even they're not showed it infront of you.So thats why i prefers to be alone than talking with an unsincere person.They're fake.I know it.

and 3 day after Christmas were gone...

and now,peoples comeback to they daily routine,no more Christmas movies and Christmas songs,everyone waiting for New years,4 days left and its New year!we can see the light of fireworks everywhere,that's what almost all of peoples in this world do to celebrated New Years...(i will missing the moments of fireworks and RSS at my kampung).

Today my mom's was sick.She called me early morning asked me how's my life here.I just said i'm ok but a lotsa of assignment awaiting me (but as what i said in my previous post,i spent a lot of time by watching dramas) cus i dont know how to doing it,maybe i will know a bit if i do study group at my friend's house.That's my plan..but soon.Back to the story,my moms sick she has a lot worried here,my dad is not at home,just my brother but  even he is growth up,17 years old but he still dunno what to do if my mom sick.He never asked as what others child do,so as me but now i knowing a bit of my responsibilty as a daughter.So i hope God will protect and healed her.I know God is always Good.I believe in Him!amin....Get well soon,mom.I wish you a good health and a long life.Amin..

Ok thats all.See u again soon:)
Merry Christmas to all peoples around the world !!

Lotsa of love,

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