Friday, December 21, 2012


Putri karmel.The only place i feel and find my peace.I think Karmel is the only peace place to relaxed your mind,and the most precious u will got a new family.FYI,in Karmel,peoples may come and go..but everytime and almost every week, there are someone new cames up or we called them 'peninjau' and amazingly, you'll immadiately became so closer and always stick with them for the reason you will live together in same room or work together with them to clean reatreat house,help sisters cook the meal,and so on and even we are so tired working but we never feel the tiredness.Trust me!cus i dont know,maybe there are a lots of fun working out together with them.and me as always,if holidays i'll comeback to Sabah for 3-4 weeks  and i surely will goin to Karmel to meet all people,sisters and brothers and also my friends there even the times is limited.Its a lot of fun besides you can hear the morning prayer with all the sister's angel voices.I thanks to mom because i'd knowing Karmel because of her,she sent me there to heal me,maybe around 3 years ago on January 2010 and i am so grateful because my aunty's house just nearby this place :)maybe about 15m or less hehe.Betul-betul sangat dekat.

Here are some pictures of Putri Karmel captured by me on September 2012 and also some memories with friends from year 2010 until 2012,the latest sceneries of Karmel.

Sorry for the bad quality.I try to show u how's actually the scenery of carmel through this video but i hope this video working out in my blog.(sorry it seems like my video didn't working out.The signal of my broadband was sucks so the uploading take so much time)

and sorry for the some random pictures,i want to arranged it by years but its doesn't worked.

Scenery from St.Anna reatreat house
Morning scenery from the Lady of Mount Carmel chapel
Grotto of Mother Mary.
Scenery before night prayer
My close friends and also my siblings in year 2010 till now.
Selamat melayani :)
After kem remaja,we otw to Kaingaran river.
Mid-day scenery.

I still has plenty of pictures but i dont know where is the folder i've used to keep them,and some pictures already gone cus  my lappy had been attacked by cruel virus.

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