Friday, December 21, 2012


Personally,i am not so good in maths.I slow pick up when it comes to counting,my brain worked so slowly.The most horrible when i see the numbers my head will spinning and when i try to solve maths problem my body will shaking,my brain cramped and also my tonsil begin to vommit!Since i'm in primary school i still remembered my teachers always pointing at me cus in others subject i got a highest marked but in maths,sorry...saya pernah dapat nol,dan masih saya ingat masa perhimpunan hari Isnin guru besar kasih umum markah percubaan UPSR kira yang terbaik dan nama saya disebutkan tapi yang spoil tu markah maths yaitu 30 ke bawah!belum lagi tu......sampailah sekolah menengah masa SPM,i've got  a good grades in SPM especially in Science,History and yang lain kira ok jugalah but yang spoil tu maths!and all my teachers confiused with my maths grades and its PROVED!my brain is weakness is maths and ALWAYS be maths!However,from now on i want to fighting against my weaknessess.I need to struggle to pass in Landasan Matematika because it is the only option lefts to standstill in my university.I think maths is also the main problem for the reason of D.O to some of students here especially,us.But,it's to early for me to give up and surrender with maths.I know nothing is impossible to pass in maths if u want to do your best,doing it with all your heart for your future.Just once ant its solved!

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