Saturday, November 6, 2010


01)Bout my Younger BrO
At the first time in my life and it just happen today,he ask me.."Macam mana mau masak kuih?"*sigh*
Wah,he's so hungry,so that he want to cook it.

02)Family hereditarily
My mom storied me bout our family mom paternal family actually come from Moyog,Penampang(Grandfather)but their move to kg.Toboh cause my ''Moyang'' married someone there.So,until now,my whole family from my mom side never knows who're our cousin at Penampang.However,on my grandmother family background,i actually knows that both of my ''moyang'' come from Sunsuron,Tambunan.My father paternal family,i never knows bout their family background cus as i know,their always migrates to other place to place.

03)The Exile
Few week ago,maybe about 2-3 week,i guess..Huh,we did terrible matter.Me and Chelle..we make someone from that place discarded.Huh,but,its ok then cause all things happen because of his fault,not us.Anyway,before he doing something like making some affair with she/he etc,he must think first before he go so far to do that.By the way,we are sorry.Be fragile later,dude and i hope you will be happy outside the hermitage.

tO bE cOntInuEd....

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