Saturday, November 6, 2010


Dreaming.jpg Dreaming image by tigerlily07_photo

What a weird dream,i'm so scared.Here,i'll sharing my dream i've just now cus maybe u can interpret the meaning,rite?hehe..Firstly,my dream is little bit strange.But,i think the plot is so perfectly.I dont know how to describe it by words actually: (btw,my dream just appeared like this:-as usual,every weekend,my mom will go to our garden at 'Morondung',if i no wrong,she go there with my uncle.So,me and someone(i forget who is that)just stayed at home.Few later,my dad also join mom with his own car.After that,something strange happened-exactly,between my house and neighbourhood.Simply,the "mystery'' things look alike the smoke puff,by then the smoke become brown and then getting dark.Minutes later,something like a cave bat appeared and flying to my house,not just one,but many cave bat.Huh,then,my uncle whose just pass through my home said"wah,how can the cave bat going out early in the morning,unlogical''.Huh,i also thought the same way as what my uncle thinked.Then,i saw the bla bla bla fera.i can't explain it,but i can say,the intercession between the sky and land.It's so weird,i saw "the duck swim away so faster?''What?is there any water upstair,at the sky?and after all,i'm right!the water become hollwed,the water spilled everywhere.When its spilled,their turned into wine-grape wine and I shouted"o no,maybe this is the end of time!?"i dont know what actually happen.But i can see it so clearly,naturally seem like the end of the world.Then the sky become dark,so dark.

I'm so worry to my mom."When she come back?''but,i heard my mom shout''i'm here!''And she run toward us.Then,my mom take her rosary and pray.I also pray together with mom.I do regret cus i've sin-so critical time.I dont know if God will forgive me,the sinner.Amazingly,after we pray,the conditionslowly turn peace even it's not too much.Suddenly,We heard God Voices,and i startes believe in him!But,badly,i dont remember what he just said.Its seem like the decree i've ever read before in bible.He just appeared with a bright light so i can't see his face.Then,someone come(i know who is it).In fact,the situation become more comfortable,peaceful and normal.By the way,we saw something stranger again appeared on the sky.It's not came closer to our place,but,on somewhere areas.This things seems like fire.BIG FIRE!so vigorous.My heart said"What?is it "hell?'',o no!i start being scared but i'm so grateful cus the fire gone far,maybe at other areas in this earth.I've enable to wish,"I hope he will aware after this''.Tomorrow then after,i asked people whose seen this situation but sadly,their  never see that,just certain of them.By the way,it might there have meaning of my dream.God plan?i dont know.Who knows?

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